The Belham Curriculum:


Our Modern Foreign Langauge is Spanish. This is taught from Reception.

Curriculum Intent

At The Belham, we consider learning a foreign language as fundamental to participating in a changing multicultural society. Spanish, one of our pathways, nurtures children's curiosity, deepens their understanding of other cultures, and broadens their perspective of the world. We offer high-quality language education, equipping children with the skills to confidently express their ideas in another language within an open-minded and safe environment. Our aim is to create opportunities for pupils to view languages as a means to broaden horizons, fostering curiosity, confidence, and reflective learning to shape them into global citizens.

Our Offer

Our language curriculum prioritises active learning. We follow the Primary Languages scheme, teaching modern foreign languages weekly. We focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, building a strong foundation in language, phonics, and grammar. "Language Detective" skills emphasise memory, recall, listening, responding, sound-spelling connections, and emergent writing. We enhance our curriculum with seasonal events and use language apps like FabuLingua and LanguageNut for comprehensive support in the learning journey.

How you can help at home

Why not learn the language at the same time with your child?

Progression Map