The Belham Curriculum:

Physical Education (PE)

At The Belham, pupils master various sports, developing transferable skills in ball control and movement. They grasp tactical aspects of sport and develop skills in effective communication, emphasising fair play and good teamwork.

Curriculum Intent

By the time pupils complete their journey at The Belham, they will understand and play a range of sports. They'll possess a repository of transferable skills, including ball control, balance, and movement. Moreover, they'll be capable of engaging in tactical discussions and effective communication, both pre-game and on the field. Pupils will also grasp the significance of fair play and demonstrating our school values.

Our Offer

Our primary objective is to enhance the children's knowledge, skills, and understanding. We achieve this through a blend of whole-class instruction and individual or group activities. Teachers highlight exemplary individual performances as models for other students, and we encourage self-evaluation and peer assessment. Within lessons, we provide opportunities for both collaboration and competition among the children, with access to a diverse range of equipment. Pupils from Key Stage 1 and beyond receive two hours of timetabled lessons each week, along with one term of dance lessons annually and swimming lessons in years two and four.

How you can help at home

You can assist your child in comprehending the rules of organised sports, which is an effective means of nurturing their confidence. Encouraging an active lifestyle at home, whether through regular physical activity or involvement in organised sports, is also an excellent way to instil the principles of a healthy lifestyle.