The Belham Curriculum:


At The Belham, we teach 'Teach Computing', a comprehensive scheme covering the National Curriculum. We provide discreet computing lessons in addition to cross-curricular projects, equipping students with essential digital skills and online safety knowledge, adhering to the 'Education for a Connected World' framework.

Curriculum Intent

At The Belham, we teach essential digital skills for pupil's futures. We teach computational confidence and teach them to harness technology for expression, learning, and progress. Our curriculum emphasises responsible and safe online usage, cultivating respectful and competent technology users who can apply their knowledge across various subjects.

Our Offer

We follow the 'Teach Computing' scheme, covering all aspects of the National Curriculum. This curriculum, designed by subject experts and rooted in the latest pedagogical research, provides students with discreet computing lessons and cross-curricular projects.

Our lessons employ various software programs and technology to teach pupils the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today's digital world. The curriculum comprises three strands: computer science, information technology, and digital literacy, with distinct aims for each. Ensuring online safety is a crucial part of our computing curriculum.

This year, we are implementing the 'Education for a Connected World' framework to enhance online safety education, teach resilience and positive culture change.

How you can help at home

There are several ways to help your child develop their computing skills at home. The easiest method is to allow them to use a computer for tasks like creating letters, newsletters, films, podcasts, or artwork. Encouraging them to 'teach' you these tasks enhances their understanding and technical vocabulary. Additionally, you can use free coding apps like Scratch.

Progression Map