The Belham Curriculum:


Weekly singing lessons and music classes equip pupils with listening, composing, and performing skills. They explore instruments, and from Year 3, they can learn instruments. Pupils will also be given performance opportunities that enable and enhance their musical journey.

Curriculum Intent

The National Curriculum emphasises that music should inspire a love for music. At The Belham, our diverse school celebrates music as a universal language for self-expression and community benefit. Pupils advance by critically engaging with various music styles, composing, performing for diverse audiences, and learning to notate music, transitioning from visual to conventional notation.

Our Offer

Singing is central to music education at The Belham Primary School. Each week, all pupils participate in year-group singing lessons, coming together for whole-school celebrations. They also have weekly music lessons where they learn and hone essential skills to become discerning listeners, composers, and performers, using a variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, along with their voices.

In Year 2, pupils learn the descant recorder, and in Year 5, they actively engage in small ensembles with recorders or various percussion instruments. In Year 6, they compose music and lyrics, arranging them using digital tools. They also form a dance band, accompanying peers in a folk music unit.

From Year 3 onwards, pupils have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with our peripatetic staff. The school provides these instruments free of charge for the duration of their time at the school, and lessons are conducted in small groups of two to four pupils during the school day. We may subsidise fees as part of our commitment to offer instrumental lessons to all pupils, regardless of their family's financial circumstances. Pupils showing great progress through enthusiasm, hard work, and regular practise can seize opportunities to perform in concerts and assemblies.

How you can help at home

If your child is learning an instrument at school, including whole-class recorder in Year 2 and Year 5, please encourage them to practise. Additionally, there are numerous concerts and performances in the borough and beyond.

You might want to explore to find events that the whole family can enjoy.

Listening to a variety of music will help enhance your child's awareness and further develop their understanding from lessons.

You can also explore what the Music Hub has to offer to enrich your child's musical life at

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