The Belham Curriculum:

Design & Technology

Our approach to DT is built around developing creativity, imagination, practical design and making skills in various contexts. Our projects teach problem-solving, independence and collaboration.

Curriculum Intent

At The Belham Primary School, our intention is for Design and Technology (DT) to empower children as creative problem solvers, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of various tools. In addition to learning critical thinking within DT, pupils will make choices, test designs, and evaluate their creations, showcasing adaptability and creativity. We aim for Belham pupils to recognise that design plays an integral role in innovation, manufacturing, and can be a viable choice for their future careers.

Our Offer

At The Belham, we adhere to the 'Plan, Design, Make, and Evaluate' approach in teaching DT, as outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes. We nurture creativity, imagination, and practical design and manufacturing skills in various contexts. Each year, pupils revisit fundamental skills in nutrition, textiles, mechanisms, pulleys, and structures.

How you can help at home

Adapting recipes, experimenting with materials, and testing ideas are all excellent ways to apply DT skills at home. Additionally, any opportunity you have to sew, cook, or create things.