The Belham Curriculum:


Our History curriculum focuses on enhancing children's understanding of historical eras, pivotal events, and notable individuals.

Curriculum Intent

By the end of their time at The Belham, children will develop a deep understanding of how civilisations have evolved through time. They'll possess a comprehensive knowledge of regional, national, and international history, with strong critical thinking skills. Their understanding will extend to how Britain was shaped by the wider world. They will confidently tackle challenging historical questions, establishing connections between past events, developments, people, and eras.

Throughout their journey at The Belham, they'll investigate, reflect upon, and critically assess historical events. They'll utilise various research tools and evaluate high-quality resources effectively. They will learn to evaluate sources and appreciate the importance of using a range of sources when drawing historical conclusions. The children will accurately employ historical terminology in their communication of ideas and judgments. Through studying various topics, individuals, and groups, they will gain insights into the diversity of human experiences in the past. Over time, they will develop a more profound understanding of historical diversity and begin to challenge their own and others' misconceptions about the past. They will cultivate a sense of social responsibility, respect for diversity, and a willingness to engage with sensitive and controversial historical issues. The children will feel well-prepared for the next stages of their history education and adult life.

Our Offer

For each History topic, we identify essential facts that children should learn, chosen based on their potential to facilitate the development of further knowledge, skills, and comprehension. This includes vocabulary, key facts, processes, explanations, important dates, terms, notable figures, and significant places. Beyond the classroom, The Belham offers enriching historical learning experiences, including school trips and visits from external speakers. By Year 6, pupils will grasp historical concepts like continuity and change, cause and effect, similarity, difference, and significance. They will confidently apply this understanding to interpret events and developments.

How you can help at home

We aim for our pupils to possess a strong grasp of chronology. Access to timelines depicting world or British history will greatly aid their conceptual understanding. Furthermore, comprehending the reasons behind historical events and comparing them with other historical occurrences is also highly beneficial.

Progression Map