The Belham Curriculum:

Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

The Belham prioritises children, fostering their understanding of their place in the world, emotional literacy, resilience, and well-being. Our curriculum equips teachers to deliver engaging PSHE with mindfulness for enhanced emotional awareness and focus.

Curriculum Intent

The PSHE curriculum nurtures children's understanding of how they fit into and contribute to the world, and the importance of valuing this understanding. With a significant focus on emotional literacy, resilience development, and the promotion of mental and physical well-being, our curriculum adequately equips teachers to provide engaging and pertinent PSHE education within a school-wide approach. Moreover, our lessons incorporate mindfulness, enabling children to enhance their emotional awareness, concentration, focus, and self-regulation.

Our Offer

At The Belham, we follow the Jigsaw scheme of learning, which is implemented weekly from Reception to Year Six. Jigsaw provides a comprehensive programme for Primary PSHE, encompassing the statutory requirements for Relationships and Health Education. This structured, progressive scheme of work ensures that children receive relevant learning experiences to help them navigate their world and establish positive relationships with themselves and others. For specific details on how we teach Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education, please refer to our RSE Policy available here

How you can help at home

Engaging in discussions with your child about their emotions and how to effectively manage them is highly beneficial. You might consider encouraging them to maintain a journal or diary. It's also valuable to converse about the transformations they will experience as they grow older. Finally, addressing the concept of being a responsible citizen is of great significance, as this may vary between families.

The Charter Trust hosts termly online seminars for parents on supporting your child's emotional development. We will keep you up to date in our newsletters.