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Our community association

Friends of Belham (FoB) is a registered charity (run by school parents/carers and guardians) that organise activities and events to bring the school community together and raise funds that support the school and enhance the education and experience of all pupils.

Contact us:

Email or speak to one of our committee members.


We'd love to collect a list of skills and equipment, professional and amateur, that could be drawn upon for our events - everything from face painters to access to a van, from musicians to carpenters and bakers - please drop us an email if you can help inany way.


Friends of Belham is a registered charity, number 1168767. The committee are the trustees of the charity and are elected annually by the members at an AGM. The constitution, accounts, and annual reports may be requested for inspection by any member.

Everything you need to know about FOB

Friends of Belham (FoB)is a registered charity (run by school parents/carers and guardians) that organise activities and events to bring the school community together and raise funds that support the school and enhance the education and experience of all pupils.


All parents and guardians are automatically members of FoB, (as are teachers and non-teaching staff). There is then a committee of elected volunteer trustees to representFoB known as the FoB committee: Key responsibilities include:

  • fulfil any obligations in association with being a charity, both financial and administrative running meetings to discuss events and fundraising,
  • agreeing how funds are spent and liaising with the school around FOB funded projects and activity


A new committee is elected every November andconsists of an elected chair, secretary, treasure and other members.


The FoB committee communicate to the Belham community through the school weekly newsletter, website updates, posters around the school as well as by class reps through optional whats app groups that have been set up by parents for each year.

The elected committee meet on a regular basis to organise a calendar of FoB activities and discuss fundraising and distribution of funds to benefit the Belham community. Every member of the community is welcome to join meetings and share opinions and ideas to enhance the multitude of activities throughout the year.


Fundraising relies on parents/carers to volunteer their time not only in the preparation for events but also time helping to run them from sponsored fun runs to fairs, discos and the great quiz. In addition, to the committee you can put yourself forward as a class rep to help co-ordinate and communicate FOB activity amongst year groups.


To find out more about upcoming events, please view the FoB Calendar <link as linktree?>

There are regular FOB meetings held to discuss upcoming activities as well as how funds should be allocated. We welcome and encourage all parents/carers to attend and offer their opinions and feedback.


If you have an idea fo ran event/fundraising project, a skill to offer, want to become a class rep or committee member or want to get involved at events, please do get in touch at, or speak toany committee member or class rep.

A massive thanks for all of your support in fundraising for FOB. Over the past academic year, FoBraised an incredible £26,000 with funding allocated to a wide range of projects and activities including:

  • The new school library
  • Musical instruments and their repair
  • Theatre trips
  • Before schools ports clubs
  • Y6 performance
  • SEN Equipment
  • Essential classroom resources
  • The inaugural Meet, Mingle & Munch event
  • School flowerbed planting
  • Sports Daylollies and medals
  • A subsidy forLeavers’ hoodies and yearbooks
  • Fencing for Y1playground

None of these ‘extras’ that help make the school experience for our children, could happen without FoB.

So please continue to support us in anyway you can - whether that be volunteering at or attending FOB events, offering your skills to FOB projects or joining FOB meetings to be part of the conversation.  

In addition to attending FoB events and volunteering your time at events or for specific projects, there are a number of ways that you can support FoB and contribute to the fundraising (often with minimal effort required!)


Uniform labels

​FoB works with two uniform labeling companies that give commission on labels purchased through them. Labels have been tried and tested by FoB committee members and are recommended!



Click the  image or quote code 36250 at checkout to raise 15% commission for the school.

Stikins Clothing Labels

Click the  image ​or quote code 105032 at checkout to raise 24% commission for the  school.



Easy Fundraising

If you haven’t already signed up for Easy Fundraising (where a percentage of your online shopping from a range of retailers will go to FoB), then please do. It only takes 2 minutes ,and it will make a big difference to our fundraising efforts. You’ll raise money for the school while you shop online at over 7000 retailers. To sign up, click here:


Company match funding (NOTE - IS THISSTILL RELEVANT?)

FoB is registered with Benevity. If your employer does company match funding you may be able to get them to match any donations or fundraising you do for FoB. We have parents who have done this and it's a great way of raising money, and making individual donations go further.


Koru Kids

For £50 to FoB and £50to the family use the code SC1BELHAM in the 'How did you hear about us?' section on the Koru kids website.



FoB owns some items of kitchenware that can be loaned out to parents. We have:

●     200 plastic cups

●     48 plastic plates

●     48 glass tumblers

●     3 plastic jugs

●     6 x extra large flasks for hot drinks

Parents can borrow them when not being used by FOB. We suggest a £10 optional donation to FoB

Please contact to place a request.


Co-Chair               Chantelle Edwards

Co-Chair               Joni Hillman

Co-Treasurer     Doug Renwick

Co-Treasurer     Brendan Feeney

Committee member       Isabelle Wood

Committee member       Lindsey Wales

SEND Rep            Libby Sarsfield

Diversity & Inclusion Rep Shereen Davis

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FoB believes that we should champion ethical behaviour and apply our values in any activity we undertake, in addition to meeting our legal and regulatory requirements. Our ethical policy sets out FoB's values and provides a framework of ethical standards through which we will assess business partnerships, procurement, funding, and proposed events/activities. This document covers, among other things, inclusiveness, sustainability, and how we interact with our supporters and with the school.

Ethical Policy (pdf)

WhatsApp Guidelines

Class WhatsApp groups are a very useful and efficient way for parents and carers to communicate to the whole class and share information relevant to the school and the community.

The messages in the class WhatsApp groups come from parents and carers in their personal capacity and are managed by parents. The school and the Friends of Belham are not responsible for any WhatsApp parent/carer groups. Unfortunately, sometimes message threads can become unwieldy and result in parents becoming misinformed.

To help parents and carers to manage and navigate these groups,  please see the attached guidelines here.