Our vision & values

We believe in working together to ensure our pupils are creative, independent thinkers who have a strong sense of themselves and their roles in the community.

At The Belham, we inspire and educate our pupils by providing them with stimulating learning experiences that will enable them to explore the world and their place in it.

Our Vision: ​
Enthusiastic Learning
Inspirational Curriculum
Every One Matters
Community at Heart

Learning at the Belham is a rich tapestry of opportunity and extends far beyond the classroom. We pride ourselves on a genuinely creative learning and teaching environment which reflects our values. Our curriculum is broad as well as deep and we are committed to exceeding the requirements of the National Curriculum.


The visual arts, design and technology, music and drama all play valuable roles in helping our children develop skills for life.


Being based in London offers The Belham a unique opportunity to make use of the many museums, theatres, parks and public buildings nearby as well as the wide range of people themselves. Our curriculum also reflects the diversity and richness of our local community: socially and culturally.


We promote a positive and caring environment in which all our children feel safe, happy and valued.

Our Values

Our core values are based on being a 'Belhamite':

We are...

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Our team

The Belham employs only the very best individuals who enjoy working with children and bring out the best in them and in their colleagues.

We employ specialists alongside our core staff where most appropriate, for example to support special needs, and develop skills in music and sport.

Our Facilities

All classrooms are well-equipped and spaces within the building tailored for specialised activities such as cookery and music. We invest in the latest technology and fill shared spaces with stimulating learning displays and artefacts. 

Outdoor play spaces include a hardcourt playground and roof-top garden, and we are currently developing the laneway at the front of the school to become a growing and planting area. We have exclusive use of the Latter Rain Church garden at Copleston Road for outdoor learning and play. Children are regularly taken toWarwick Gardens and other local green spaces.

Community Links

The school  site is at the heart of a creative, passionate and rapidly evolving  community. The community should and will influence what is taught and how it  is taught.

We draw on the incredible talents and experiences of local people,  bringing learning to life with the help of artists, writers, scientists and  other professionals, and building links with local organisations. ​

Our vision is to provide a building which is not only an inspirational educational space, but can also be opened up to the community outside school hours. The central hall, some of our indoor spaces and outdoor areas are accessible in the evenings and at weekends for local people to use in a variety of ways, from exercise classes to exhibitions and public meetings.