Instrumental Lessons

Ally Sprakes, headteacher at the Belham Primary School sitting on the steps of the school

In Years 3 – 6, children have the opportunity to play a range of instruments in small group lessons with a peripatetic instrumental tutor.  

Instruments available are:

  • violin
  • cello
  • recorder
  • ukulele
  • guitar
  • flute
  • trumpet

Children are sometimes chosen to play in assemblies at the end of the week and may be asked to perform in the Summer Concert.  

In addition to this, there are a variety of ensembles for children to join including choir, string orchestra, flute choir, ukulele orchestra and recorder ensemble.  Your child does not have to learn the instrument at school in order to join the ensembles or to play in assembly. Do get in touch if you think your child is interested in one of these opportunities.