Headteacher's welcome

Ally Sprakes, headteacher at the Belham Primary School sitting on the steps of the school

A very warm welcome to our school in the heart of Peckham.

The Belham Primary School is a thriving and creative place of learning. We are also a vibrant community of staff, children, parents, and families.

We are committed to providing the highest quality care and education for your child; our teachers strive to deliver outstanding lessons which stimulate and engage your child and ultimately foster a lifelong love of learning. We firmly believe that education goes beyond academic achievements, nurturing your child's creativity and helping them to become the very best version of themselves.

At The Belham Primary School, our values of bravery, equality, trustworthiness, and ambition are not just words; they are the guiding principles that shape our approach to education. We take immense pride in our inclusive ethos, ensuring that every child feels valued, supported, and inspired.

We invite you to be actively involved in our school community. Together, we can only improve our nurturing and empowering environment for our students to thrive.

We hope that you will want to visit The Belham Primary to see the school, talk to the children and staff and experience first hand the excellent facilities and learning environment we offer all our children.

Ally Sprakes


Meet the head...

I feel very lucky to say that I have been here at The Belham since before we opened our doors in 2015. I was the very first employee! I have had different leadership roles over the years but being part of creating a new school in Peckham is an experience of which I’m both proud and will cherish forever. To date we’ve had two cohorts of children through the school from Reception all the way to secondary school, leaving us happy, confident and ready for their next steps.  

I was fortunate to go to a brilliantly supportive school where children were encouraged  to excel across a range of subjects and disciplines. They provided a wide range of opportunities in the sport and the arts which allowed children to find their passions and support others areas of learning. I took advantage of all of these opportunities, from singing to playing in orchestras, performing in shows and playing sport for the school.

My Maths teacher, Julian Wright, springs to mind, he treated all of us with such kindness whilst holding the highest standard for us all. He championed me and always believed I could achieve well. It was down to him that I got my A!

My daily interactions with our Belhamites are by far the most enjoyable part of my job. Watching them grow from starting in Reception to standing on a theatre stage at the end of Year 6 is something that fills me with immense joy and pride. We have the most wonderful children who attend The Belham, each of them uniquely brilliant. My favourite days are those where a child achieves something for the first time, whether that be blending for reading or scoring a goal. They are always so excited to share with me their success and for that I’m very grateful.