The Arts

Not only part of our curriculum; they are a cornerstone of our educational philosophy.

Our commitment to the arts extends across various dimensions, making us a hub of creativity and imagination.

The Artsmark, an award program by Arts Council England, recognises schools that excel in providing exceptional arts education and experiences for their students. Achieving Platinum status signifies that The Belham has not only consistently delivered high-quality arts education but has also gone above and beyond to enrich the lives of our students through a diverse array of artistic opportunities.

Our commitment to the arts extends across various dimensions, making us a hub of creativity and imagination:

Diverse Arts Programs

We offer a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, music, drama, dance, and writing. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop their talents in these areas, fostering a lifelong love for the arts.

Inclusive Approach

We believe that every child has the potential to shine in the arts. We actively promote inclusivity and diversity in our arts programs, ensuring that all students feel valued and have the chance to participate.

Community Engagement

We recognize the vital role the arts play in connecting our school to the broader community. Through partnerships with local artists, galleries, and cultural institutions, we provide our students with exposure to the wider world of art and culture.


We give opportunities for our Belhamites to take ownership of their artistic journeys, allowing them to develop their unique voices and talents.

Celebrating Achievements

We take pride in celebrating the accomplishments of our students in the arts. We hold regular exhibitions, performances, and showcases to showcase their talent and hard work.

Professional Development

Our teachers are committed to their own professional growth in the arts. They attend workshops, engage in continuous learning, and bring fresh ideas and techniques into the classroom.

Our unwavering commitment to fostering creativity, self-expression, and artistic exploration has earned us the prestigious Platinum Artsmark, a testament to our dedication to the arts and the profound impact they have on our students' lives.

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"The Belham Primary School offers an arts-rich education to your pupils, with learning through and about arts integrated across subjects, specialist arts teachers, a wide variety of arts activities including opportunities to exhibit their own work and perform. Pupils have continuous access to a wider range of challenging arts and cultural experiences that are stretching their knowledge, skills and understanding."